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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Our Sustainability Model

    We manage our corporation through the principle of "localization with global thinking", by actively supporting local economic development, creating jobs and improving local people's livelihood. We proactively take on social responsibility initiatives, protect biodiversity and the ecological environment, and play a bigger role in boosting local prosperity and development.

    People at the heart of our operations

    Through their talent, our men and women make an enormous contribution to our leadership. In each of our structures, our priority is to ensure their safety, their development and their well-being.

    Safety first and foremost

    As far as health and safety initiatives are concerned, CTG is capitalizing on a demanding policy targeting zero accident. The keys are training, empowering and involving every employee.

    Training and personal development

    Invest in training to ensure the professional development of our employees. Internal mobility is encouraged at all levels, this allows each employee to make progress in his or her career and guarantees the spreading of knowhow.

    Equal opportunities

    The Group strives to ensure equal opportunities to its employees from recruitment and throughout their careers.

    Support to local economies and supply chain

    Our infrastructure should also contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of the communities in which we operate, create new employment and offer professional development and training opportunities.

    Open dialogue and support to communities

    We support local communities through direct interventions and social programmes: free health interventions in the villages and construction of local infrastructures.

    Our best practices overseas

    Guinea Souapiti hydropower station. In May, 2016, major construction works of Yabha new village was completed by CTG. Yabha new village is about 7KM from the former site and covers an area of 130,000 square meters. It is composed of 102 houses with auxiliary facilities, one school, one clinic, one mosque and one market.

    Uganda, Isimba hydropower station. The project provides free medical services to the villagers of Kayunga and Kamili districts. About 1300 people benefited from this service.

    Pakistan, Karot Hydropower project. ?Improvement of existing and construction of new access roads and bridges will facilitate the population of the area in their movement and transportation specially the population of Kahuta and Kotli districts. New business activities will bring social uplift in the life of people.

    Brazil, Sao Manoel Hydropower Station. CTG helped with the radio communication project for surrounding Indian people’s residential areas, and constructed radio communication systems for 21 villages.

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